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Experience the highest quality of commercial LED lighting. Thanks for stopping by; you will find a great selection of high-quality LED Parking Lot Lights, Pole Lights, LED Wall Packs, and Office Lights.

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Safety for your employees, customers, and neighbors, your parking lot is one of the first places to consider. Your parking lot is also a significant part of the first and lasting impressions your property makes on the public.

A poorly lit parking lot sends all the wrong messages. As you can imagine, a poorly lit parking lot is also what insurance calls a claim waiting to happen, and that claim could be a liability, a claim against you and your business!

But a clean, well-lit, well-maintained parking facility is a secure asset. Investing in making your lot stand out for safety and attractiveness makes good business sense.

Complimented by innovative, Green LED Lighting Company has a wide variety of commercial lights and outdoor fixtures. LED parking lots, shoebox lighting solutions, and light poles to help you elevate your parking lot into one of the significant assets of property or your business.

LED Parking Lot Lights will reduce your bottom line.

Our Products

led wall packs

Wall Pack

Wall Pack LED Lights are durable, weatherproof fixtures that are usually mounted in exterior locations.

LED Garage Lighting, parking garage lights

LED Garage Lights

Illuminating the garage, bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs

parking lot lighting, LED Energy Efficiency, LED Parking Lot Lights, parking lot lights

LED Parking Lot Lights

This could result in thousands of dollars in electric savings by switching to LED Parking Lot Lights, LED Pole Lights, LED street lighting

led parking lot lighting, LED High Mast lights

LED High Mast lights

High mast LED luminaires are high-power lighting systems that usually consume hundreds of watts and produce tens of thousands of lumens.

Why Switch To LED Lighting

Whether you need indoor or outdoor lighting, Green LED Lighting Company has been the leader in luminaries.

Companies need an excellent energy-saving solution. Besides that lighting of the building is of the utmost importance for security and liability.

A poor lite grounds can result in your insurance account being canceled. Various lawsuits cost thousands of dollars because someone got hurt on your business grounds.
As an owner, you must provide a well-designed lighting area around your building.

The saving is huge for your bottom line—about 80%in savings on your light bill. Suppose you could meter your light usage without all other electrical devices. You would see the saving, but we have to do the math to show the saving.

If you replace a 1000-watt hid with a 300-watt LED Light, that’s a 700-watt saving on just one Light. Not including the money you’re going to save on maintenance.

Switching to LEDs is not as complicated as you think. One for one replacement is requested.

Let’s look at a 1000w parking lot light. The Light can be replaced with 300 watts LED Parking lot light, and so on until you replace all the parking lot lights.

parking lot lighting, LED Energy Efficiency, LED Parking Lot Lights, parking lot lights

Buy in confidence, back by experience.

Not all LED Lights are built the same. That goes the same for the LED Lighting companies. You want to pick a company with quality photo-metric and field-tested products. You also wanted to choose a company that has been around for years. That stand behind their experience in switching your Lighting to LED Lighting.

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

LED are very Environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of carbon footprint we use.

Affordable rates

LEDs will reduce your usage of electricity. We strive to give you the very best prices.

certified & experienced

Most LED Lights are Dark-Sky DLC, ETL, CE, and UL certified

customer satisfaction

We strive to treat all customers the same with satisfaction and respect.

Contact us from substantial parking lots to small parking garages if you are ready to start saving energy and have a brighter secure facility.

What Our Clients Say

We had issues with security our building at night are all Edison lights were not working so we decided to switch to Ellie D's we found green lighting and the company was fantastic and providing us with a great solution.
Devin H.
Our parking lot used a lot of electricity and looked bad. WE contact Green Lighting to see about switching to LED's. I'm glad we did we contacted other companies and the price was out of this world Green Lighting saved us thousands of dollars in lighting Our new LED parking lot look great.
Kent T.
Our parking lots became areas where people hung out and drank because we had poor lighting. Our insurance company was not satisfied, because of the lighting situation. We switched to LED lights to provide better security lighting for our facility Green Lighting helped us tremendously pick out the best lights for our case.
James W.
Maintenance Dept.

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