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Complimented by innovative commercial lights and outdoor fixtures, Green LED Lighting has a wide variety of best parking lot lights and commercial lighting.

Parking lot light and shoebox lighting, wall packs, garage lights, pole lights solutions, and light poles. To help you elevate your parking lot, parking garage, or building into a commercial led parking lot lights one of the significant assets of your property or your business.

parking lot led lights

Switching To LED Lighting Can seem to be overwhelming. At Green LED Light that process is simplified for a smooth replacement.

Whether you need parking lot light or wall packs garage lights or even high mass lights replaced with LEDS are simple. They’re not complicated usually it’s a one-for-one exchange take for instance 150w led parking lot lights, 300 Watt LED can replace 1000 Watt metal halide parking lot lights.

When you have an existing building or parking lot or a garage it is already designed for efficient lighting. So switching from hid parking lot lights, to LED’s is a big bonus because you save on your electricity bill. Plus better lighting for your customers.

When it comes to designing with lights, parking lot lights usually it becomes important when you have a new facility and then the lighting is placed by the engineer. According to your state and local codes.

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