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Climate change, Lighting is a huge carbon footprint. It takes thousands of watts to run our lights in builds, offices, garages, and parking lots. Some we control by turning the lights off and putting in natural lighting. But it all comes to what we can do more to reduce our corners.


As is hurricane season approaches, climate change becomes a reality: more and more storms accumulate throughout the year during hurricanes season. Climate change is affecting everyone. Whether you’re out West where drought is becoming more and more of a reality every year? With less water to drink or water your crops, we have no way of restoring water levels without rain.


Or any way to reduce the forest fires. Have gone on because of drought. The trees are drying out, and the ground is drying; therefore, more fires are popping up in the country.

The root cause of climate change is CO2 emissions or carbon dioxide, causing the extreme weather conditions that we are having the droughts and fires worldwide. CO2 emissions or carbon footprint are caused by many things, from simple things such as an email to the most significant thing of running an AC unit for a commercial building. So to compact is that we have to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that we put out into the air.


How do we do this?

There are many ways to do this, such as by maybe not wasting water or perhaps not running AC or unplugging the TV and unused appliances, but these are all things that we know we can do.

Even transporting fruit from one place to another causes a carbon footprint. Let’s take a look at apples. They get picked at the farm and put on a truck to bring to a distribution center. Then from the distribution center, set in other vehicles to take them to other places. Like supermarkets, pie bakers, and kitchen tables.

personal carbon footprint

how to reduce my carbon footprint

Reduce C02

We will not reduce the carbon footprint as much as we need to reduce the heat. It is building up that cause’s climate change. But we all can do our part in reducing your carbon footprint that we put out each day. Maybe we don’t have to use a Styrofoam cup for a cup of coffee, for instants. Perhaps we can send out emails in a bulk email instead of one at a time, or maybe we could unplug that particular electronic that we are not using, so it does not use electricity. We all have to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Are commercial buildings a significant distribution of carbon footprint?

We could switch to LEDs without raising CO2 emissions or carbon footprint because they use less wattage or less electricity to run.

1000 parking lot lights equal to 1,000,000 watts, or 1,720,000 C02 emissions, switch to LED 240-watt Parking Lot lights the C02 emission would be only 412,800g of C02.

If you have 1000 lights in a parking lot and all use a 1000-watt bulb, and you reduce it to only 240-watt LED parking lot lights, that’s a huge carbon footprint reduction.

It was over a ton of carbon. Many lights use electricity if you have an office building with 40,000 office lights or troffers two x fours.

Switching to LED Light at home or office will reduce the carbon footprint a lot. It is only a small part but it is a start.
circle of weather

If you switch them all to LEDs again, that’s a considerable reduction and carbon footprint. So that being said, it is a substantial reduction of electricity, so it’s a bottom line you’ll be saving too. Even maintenance costs would be a considerable reduction in maintenance. So it’s a win-win situation where we reduce the carbon footprint and help our bottom line simultaneously, so switch and LEDs have a huge benefit for our planet and your bottom line.

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