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Switch To LEDs

LED Bulb, LED Energy Efficiency

LED Lifespan

LEDs last much longer than alternative light bulbs like the Edison Light Bulb. You can even use led lighting system, fewer bulbs too save more energy LED lights are very bright perhaps instead of four in a fixture you only could use two in a fixture and get the same amount of light that you would using a 60 Watt Edison bulb. Fewer light bulbs mean less disposal, reducing contamination to our environment and landfills. LEDs will last much longer than many alternative light bulbs. Depending on daily use, one bulb will last for decades.

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LED benefits
  1. Long Lifespan
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Improved Environmental
  4. Performance
  5. The Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions
  6. No Heat or UV Emissions
  7. Design Flexibility
  8. Instant Lighting and the Ability to Withstand Frequent
  9. Switching Low Voltage Operation

What is so special about led lights?

LED bulbs are designed to be a more energy-efficient light source by using a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. LED lights to use their energy much more efficiently than other types of bulbs —producing light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs and 80% more efficient than CFLs.

LED bulbs consume less power per unit (lumen) of light emitted. LED reduces greenhouse emissions from power plants. Carbon dioxide emissions for LEDs are also low. One LED bulb will minimize greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton.

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LEDs are up to 80 percent more energy-efficient, which dramatically reduces the amount of pollution output as a result of electricity generation, but they also contain zero hazardous substances.

No matter how you slice it, LED lights are the best energy-saving light bulb you can have in your house. Reduces the lights bill by 80%, so 60 W bulb can be replaced by 3 W or even if you replace all your lights in your house that’s a considerable saving.

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Color Temperature

Some people complain because of the color or the Kalvin more then the old Edison bulb. But they make them pretty much the same as you can get with the old Edison bulb. Think about the old Edison bulb. We have to change it often because the bulbs either go out, break, or short out. An LED bulb will last you a long time, anywhere between 10 to 15 years, depending on the light’s manufacturer and how well it was put together. But most of them got the hang of it, and they do a good job manufacturing the lights.


Another benefit of them is the heat. We know that electricity conducts heat so when you twist the bulb into the socket and electricity goes through the socket and into the bulb in unites the element inside the ball that creates heat in the heat comes off the bulb and therefore it adds to your temperature in your house. Also if you ever touched the light bold Edison light bulb you found out that it was hot then you can burn yourself so don’t do that. They don’t put out heat, so when you’re underneath one reading, your hands don’t get hard on your head don’t get hard. It stays at the same temperature, so that’s a big bonus. 

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LED flexibility in design.

There are thousands of different light LED lights from little bitty indicator lights on machinery, all the way up to high mast lights that light your highways. So not only there are different uses of LD lights they are practical innovations that have added jobs and have added money to the economy basically.

Plus it has lead to whole new way of thinking about lighting. You can actually light up a stairwell you can light up a little space above your cabinets in your kitchen you could even add accent lights or you weren’t able to add accents lights before because the fixtures would have been too big and wouldn’t look that good. So yes all ladies have brought different ways of lightning in our houses and our businesses in saving his energy oh at the same time.

Energy Savings

So when you go and change all your lights out in your house shoes and switch to LED light bulbs, that would be the best tool you could have and save energy around your house. Doing this little simple thing by changing your light bulbs will save us a tons in carbon footprint or the CO2. Which Ben 10 to 30% I wrote a utility bill on lights so if you can change it to a ladies why not that’s a huge savings to reduce it to about 80% less if you could meet your lights only then you paid before.

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