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LED Parking Lot Lights, LED Parking Lot Lighting, LED Shoebox Light, led lighting for the parking lot, Commercial LED Lights fixtures, commercial led parking lot lighting, and LEDs will reduce your electricity usage.

Old HID parking lot lighting and metal halide consume a lot of electricity. Maintenance costs are also through the roof. What used to cost you a few years ago to repair a light. It’s costly today whenever you have someone come out and replace a bulb or fix a short inside your old light fixture. It costs a lot more money in today’s market.

LED pole lights are very maintenance-friendly. LED parking lot lighting is friendly to the skies. They have a dark sky environment, so you don’t waste any light going up. All the light goes downward. That way, you get the most foot candles on the ground.

Make the switch to commercial-grade led parking lot light and parking lot lighting, and save on your bottom line.
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parking lot lighting

Pole light Replacement, led parking lot lighting

Replace 80-300W MH/HPS
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Commercial Lighting, parking lot lighting at a mall

LED Shoebox Light, LED Parking Lot Lighting, led parking lot lighting, pole lights led  DLC UL listed, comes with Slip Filter, Pole mount or Yoke Mounts, Photocell sensor, 90-277v or a 480v voltage available.

Commercial LED Lights fixtures will reduce your bottom line. LED Parking Lights are energy saving lighting, dark sky certafied.

LED Shoebox, Pole Light Replacement, led parking lot lighting

Replace 1000-1200W MH/HPS
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LED Garage Light Round

LED Garage Light, LED Garage Light use unique Elliptical concave surface which can gives the best lighting performance.
Watts 30W / 40W/ 60W
Lumens per Watt 130LM/W
Dimmable YES
Motion Sensor Available
Color Temperature 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5700K
Voltage 90-277V
Length * Width * Height 12.2*5.1in
IP 65
Finish White
Housing Die-Casting Aluminum Alloy
Metal Halide Equal 100-180W
UL Damp Location YES
Life Hours 50,000

LED Garage Lighting, parking garage lights

LED Garage Light Round

Replacement 100-180 watt
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LED-Wall Packs

LED Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Replacement 100-600W / MH
led wall packs

LED Full Cut off Wall Packs, LED Wall Pack Traditional  is designed at an angle to provide illumination that is more easily directed to a specific area compared to broader applications. Color Temperature 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5700K Voltage 90-277V / 200-480V

LED Wall Pack Traditional

Replacing traditional MH / HPS 100-600W.
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LED Office Lights

Commercial LED Light Fixture, Tunable LED Light Panel 2×2, 2×4 use backlit led, which is never yellowish plus UL Driver. High performance. Replace 50-150W MH/HPS.

LED Office Lights
Tunable LED Light Panel use backlit led, which is never yellowish plus UL Driver. High-performance. Replace 50-150W MH/HPS.
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LED Office Lights, Commercial LED Light Fixture

Emergency Lights Battery Back up

Emergency LED Driver

led driver, 10W-300W lamp must be with 0-10V dimmer function.
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UFO High Bay Emergency

UFO High Bay Emergency Lights Battery Back up
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LED Gas Station, Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Lighting

LED Canopy Lighting 150W, It's ideal for replacing 250-300W Metal Halide.
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LED Gas Station Canopy Lights is ideal for replacing Metal Halide Gas Stations applications.
Watts 150W, Lumens per Watt 130
Color Temperature 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5700K
Voltage 90-277V
Lense Clear Diffuser / Frosted Diffuser
Length / Width 15 in / 15 in
Dimmable YES
Mounting Pendant / Surface
Housing Aluminum Alloy Finish White
Metal Halide Equal 250-400W MH / HPS
DLC YES, UL Damp Location YES
Life Hours 50,000

LED Shoebox lighting

450 Watt LED Area Lighting
450W Parking Lot LED lighting to replace 1200-1500W MH/HPS. 100-277V Sosen driver, Type III
only 450w

LED Shoebox lighting, led parking lot lighting, parking lot lights, led parking lot lighting pole 450-watt energy-saving fixture. Replacement for a 1200-1500 watt, adopts the best die-casting aluminum housing, Anti-corrosion, Anti-Hydrochloric acid, Anti-bird feces, and IP65 design. High-performance & High efficiency, Illumination lasts 50,000HRS.

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